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Runcorn Pony Club

Come along for a great Day of Dressage & Combined Training at Runcorn Pony Club.

Club members ponly - This is an internal Ribbon day.

Event Date

Sunday 23rd July, 2017

Start Time

Dressage Commencing 9:00 AM


$15 Per Horse

Includes Lunch & Morning Tea.

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Combined Training


  • Trophies
  • Ribbons to 5th place in each class.
Class1Walk Trot AWalk Trot C
Class 2Prelim 1.1(I)Prelim 1.1(II)
Class 3Prelim 1BPrelim 1.3
For Combined Training we will use your Second Dressage Test, and you can select from the following Heights:Cavaletti;

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Terms & Conditions

  • Nominations

    • Cost: $15.
    • Includes Morning Tea and Lunch
    • Nominations online below
  • Dress Code

    Formal Uniform.

    If you do not have a formal uniform yet, then either Muster shirt or chirt with colar.

  • Rules

    Rules for this competition will be those published in the latest PCAQ Dressage Rulebook (2017).

  • Two Horse Rule

    • Multiple horses per rider are NOT allowed
    • No stallions allowed on the grounds
  • Protests

    Must be in writing within 3 minutes of incident, accompanied by $5,000. Only the owner, his authorised agent, or the rider of the horse taking part in the competition is entitled to lodge a protest.   All Protests will be denied.

  • Facilities

    A full canteen available on the day from Breakfast on...

    First Aid in attendance.

  • Disclaimer

    • Neither the organising committee of any contest to which these rules apply, nor the Runcorn Pony Club, accept any liability for any accident, damage, injury or illness to horses, owners, riders, ground, spectators or any other person or property whatsoever.
  • Reservation of Rights

    The Organisers reserve the right:
    (a) to cancel any class or event.
    (c) to alter the advertised times
    (d) to refuse any entry, with or without stating the reason
    (e) to transfer competitors between sections of a class
    (f) to combine classes if less than 3 competitors, but will jump their own heights and are placed irrespective of the grade or the height jumped.

  • BioSecurity

    Hendra Vacination NOT required, but a Horse Health Declaration must be provided.  Runcorn PIC number is: QBBB0697

    In the event of horse movement restrictions, each participant will be responsible for the care, maintenance and cost of their horse/horses. Including and not limited to feeding, watering and vet cost for the time of the restrictions.

Contact Information


Runcorn Pony Club
86 Warrigal Road

Cathy McNeil

0430 056 421