D CertificateWorkshop

A number  of members have expressed a desire to get their D Certificate.

As was mentioned at the muster, we will hold a clinic/workshop at 9am on Saturday 28th October.  The schedule for the day is:

  • Work through the Workbook that will be provided.
  • Demonstrate proficiency at various tasks at this level
  • It is expected that the course clinic will run for 2 hours
  • At the conclusion the workbooks will be collected and assessed.
  • Muster uniform is essential.
  • Cost will be $10 to cover the cost of the workbooks and certificates.
  • Nominations must be on line by Friday Night.
  • You should preferably bring your own horse, or you can use one of the agisted horses at the club.  I will arrange to have a couple available.

Things you will need to know

  • Be able to identify the various parts of the bridle
  • Know the various parts of the horse
  • know the various parts of a saddle. - Look up what a crupper is.
  • Rules when riding a horse on the road.
  • Basic understanding of what a pony eats.

I have put some links here for some material that may help you with this.

Rules for riding a horse on the road

Riding Exercises

Parts of the Horse

  • Parts of the saddle


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D Certificate Nomination

Proficiency Clinic and assessment for those wishing to get their D Certificate.
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