Ellie Pajovic Dressage Clinic

Hi All,

This is the last call for riders wanting to participate in the Ellie Pajovic Dressage Clinic.

I have had a couple of members mention that they are not sure if the clinic is relevant to them and what they hope to achieve with their horses. To this I say that riders should know that Dressage and flatwork are the basis of all English riding.  Through dressage and flat work you establish all the basic training such as position, transitions, engaging all parts of your horse, developing effective aides, increasing and decreasing stride length, control, flexion, softness etc. You need all these things to be able to jump a course well, effectively stop and turn a horse in Sporting or establish a rythem over a cross country course.

Without a sound foundation both Horse and rider will be limited in what they can achieve.

Saying that there is only 2 hours of clinic time left, so if anyone is interest in booking a space please let me know today.


Wendy Eldred


Runcorn Horse & Pony Club