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Please note that this page is for Runcorn Members only who are nominating for an event at another Club.  For Events held at
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Nominations for External events

This form is to be used for submitting nominations for events outside of Runcorn
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NameName of EventEvent DateName of HorseHelperClasses You are Nominating for:
Carmen KuzewiczAitkens Official showjumping09/09/2018Comando BattagliaFiona Peart

Class 11- unofficial 13 years and under 26 years 60cm

Fiona CameronAitkens Official showjumping09/09/2018GracieGrace Cameron

Class 11- unofficial 13 years and under 26 years 60cm

Chloe WildermothGumdale Official Shojumping19/08/2018Pay the PiperNarelle Wildermoth

Class 10: 12 years and under 50cm

Carmen KuzewiczGumdale Official Showjumping19/08/2018Comando BattagliaFiona Peart

Class 11: 13 years and under 26, unofficial 60cm

Issy TreasureGumdale SJ19/08/2018El Foxie MissLouise Treasure

Class 11
Unofficial 60cm

Issy TreasureWynnum SJ29/07/2018El Foxie MissCharlie Treasure

Class 5 Official 80cm

Carmen KuzewiczWynnum Official Showjumping29/07/2018Comando BattagliaFiona Peart

Class 11: Unofficial 13 years & under 26 years, 60cm

Chloe WildermothWynnum offical Show jumping29/07/2018Pay the piperNarelle Wildermoth

Unofficial 50cm

Lauren VaschinaWynnum Official Showjumping29/07/2018DHL Narcho ManNancy

Class 4 - Official 13-26yrs 70cm

Fiona CameronWynnum official showjumping29/07/2018GracieGrace Cameron

Class 12- unofficial 13 yrs and under 26 yrs 60cm

Tahni JordanWynuum official Showjumping29/07/2018ShaeGraeme Jordan

Unofficial 13yrs under 26 yrs 60cm

Annie HornWynnum Pony Club Offical Showjumping29/07/2018My Little DemonVicki Horn

Class 12 — Unoffical 13 yrs and under 26 yrs 60cm

Fiona CameronPark ridge dressage and combined training15/07/2018GracieGrace Cameron

Dressage: unofficial 13 years and under 26 years (class D7)
Combined training: unofficial 13 years and under 26 years- 60cm (class C13

Anna McNeill-BeasleyPark Ridge Dressage and Combined Training15/07/2018Lyon Lodge PlaytimeCathy McNeill

D7 - Unofficial 13 - 26

Annie HornPark Ridge Pony Club Offical Dressage and Combined Training15/07/2018My Little DemonVicki

Dressage: Unoffical D7 13 years & under 26 years
Combined Training: Unoffical C13 13 years & under 26 years

Lucinda MurrGumdale Horse and Pony Club Official and Unofficial Showjumping20/08/2017A Touch of SassLucinda Murr


Laila SchmidtGHPC official and unofficial show jumping 201720/08/2017LaylaLyndsey

Class 10 12 years and under unofficial 50

Mikayla HallGumdale Official Showjumping20/08/2017CharlotteLyndsey

Unofficial class 11, 60cm

Issy TreasureGHPC Official & Unofficial Showjumping 201720/08/2017RediSABELLE


Chelsie MooreGumdale Official Showjumping20/08/2017Sir ReggieLyndsey Moore

Class 5 Official 80cm

Chelsie MooreGumdale Official Showjumping20/08/2017Poderosa FantasiaLyndsey Moore

Class 5 Official 80cm

Catherine AngusGumdale Official Showjumping20/08/2017Lights Of HomeCatherine Angus

class 5 official 80 cm

Cassandra AllisonGumdale Dressage Day03/06/2017Hybrid TheoryCassie Allison

Class 3 - official prelim

Catherine AngusGumdale official combined training04/06/2017Lights of HomeCatherine angus

Class A2

Ava MathewsTamborine ODE30/04/2017TarniSamantha

Pre introductory (12yrs and under) 60cm

NameName of EventEvent DateName of HorseHelperClasses You are Nominating for: