Runcorn Express Eventing Challenge


express Eventing 2015


Revised Program

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Other Information

Yes, you may enter more than one horse, but it is your responsibility to be ready to start when required.  The event will not be held up for people who are nt present when required.

No, this event is open to all riders.  All you have to do is pay an insurance levy of $7.

A limited number of camping spots are available.

Anyone wishing to camp should contact Sam on: 0400 017 189

  • Class 1: 80 – 90cm, Test: EA Prelim 1.3
  • Class 2:60 – 70cm, Test: EA Prelim 1.2
  • Class 3: 30 – 50cm 16yrs and Over, Test: EA Prelim 1.1
  • Class 4: 30 – 50cm 15yrs and Under, Test: EA Prep A
      • All phases run consecutively which means riders will go from one discipline to the next without a break apart from changing their dressage to show jumping gear.
      • Riding order will be dressage, followed by 10 minute gear change, 2 minute warm up for show jumping, show jumping course, 2 minute practice for cross country and then cross country phase.
      • You will get two gear checks, one before the dressage test and one before the show jumping round. Once you have completed your show jumping you will then go to the warm up for the cross country. There will only be a max of 2 horses on cross country at the one time over a shortened course. You will be given two minutes in show jumping and cross country warm up ring.
      • 10 MINUTE GEAR CHANGE – ONCE YOU HAVE FINISHED YOUR DRESSGAE TEST YOU WILL BE GIVEN 10 MINUTES TO CHANGE YOUR GEAR FOR SHOW JUMPING/X COUNTRY PHASE. It is your responsibility to have your show jumping gear in the gear change arena ready to go! You must walk your show jumping course and cross country prior to riding your Dressage Test.
    • Rings will not be held up for riders that are not present!

1st Place: $40

2nd Place: $20

3rd Place: $10

Ribbons to 6th Place in each class.

(Presentation will be awarded at completion of classes throughout the day);

Prize money awarded to competitive classes of 5 or more riders

Back Protectors are a requirement for the Cross Country Phase.  It is optional for the Showjumping Phase.


Whilst Runcorn encourages owners to have their horses vaccinated and it is a condition for all agisted horses, it is not a requirement for the competition.

The Terms and conditions for the day include, but not limited to:

  • Run under PCAQ rules
  • Non-PCAQ members to sign waiver and pay a $7 insurance fee.
  • Horse Health Dec must be presented
  • Hendra vaccine not required
  • Classes will not be held up for riders
  • Back protectors must be warn for cross country phase, please note you will not be given any extra time to put on back protector after show jumping round. It is recommended you wear your back protector for both cross country and show jumping phase
  • Maximum 2 horses per rider, if both horses entering in same class rider must ride one horse HC (In accordance with PCAQ Rules 2016)
  • All Riders must wear Approve Helmet & riding boots.
  • Riding attire Collared shirt and appropriate Jodhpurs, NO JEANS.
  • Using whips and/or callers for dressage phase are not permitted as per PCAQ rules
  • No Stallions allowed on grounds
  • No Dogs allowed on grounds
  • Judges decision is final
  • Any disputes to be placed with a $50 dispute fee which will be refunded if the dispute is upheld

Neither the Organizing Committee of this event nor PCAQ accepts any liability for the damage, accident, injury or illness to horses, riders, spectators or any other person or property whatsoever.

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to:

  1. Cancel any class or event
  2. Divide any class
  3. Alter the advertised times
  4. Refuse any entry, with or without stating the reason
  5. Transfer competitors between sections of a class
  6. Combine classes if less than 5 competitors