This Muster we will be focusing on events for the JF McGill.  It promises to be a great day with something fro everyone.

Again, we are asking members to indicate if they are coming to the muster to assist the instructors with the planning.  Please enter your details at the end of the list.

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NameWill Be AttendingMountedWon't be there
Jess (Catherine's Friend)Yes
Catherine AngusYes
Lucinda MurrYes
Katelyn McNeill-BeasleyYes
Emelia Phillips
Lang-McMahon familyYes
Georgia Higgins
Stephanie NunezYes
Charlotte & LucindaNo
Janelle & Lucy Hunkin
Hayden TaylorNo
Julie RussellNo
Brittany RussellYes
John MartinNo
NameWill Be AttendingMountedWon't be there