Open Showjumping Roster

We need your help.

Just a short note to  remind you about our open Showjumping happening this Saturday.

For this day to run, we need some help.

On late Friday afternoon and Early Saturday to setup the arenas

On the day we need:

  • 2 people to man the gates of the rings
  • 2 people to pencil for the judges
  • And at least 4 people in the canteen.

As Cathy is away, we are asking everyone to do some baking to bring along to the canteen on Saturday.  ( I love blueberry muffins, by the way).

Thomas and Emily Eldred
Shacni serar
Ayaan serar
Zubeyda serar
Hamzah serar
val saunders
Vicki Horn
Lyndsey Toward