Fees for 2021


FEES - 2022

Riding Member$150.37
Social Member$55
Family Members$90 + $108.12 for each riding member + $35.00 for each social member

Note: Whilst the Club Fees have not increased for 2022, the PCA and  PCQ levies have increased by $5.37 which has led to a slight overall increase for Riding Members.

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How are the fees calculated?

The Fees for the club are made up of club fee and a PCAQ levy. This year the PCAQ Levies are:
  • $108.12 for Riding Members (+$42.25 Club Fee)
  • $35 for non-Riding Members (social)  (+$20 Club Fee)

Family Rates:

How do we calculate family rates?  It is simple - You pay a Family club fee of $90 and then you only pay the PCAQ Levy for each member of your family that joins.  As you can see at the top of this page, that is $108.12 for a Riding Member and $35 for a Social Member.