Fees for 2021


FEES - 2021

Riding Member$145
Social Member$55
Family Members$90 + $102.75 for each riding member + $35.00 for each social member

How are the fees calculated?

The Fees for the club are made up of club fee and a PCAQ levy. This year the PCAQ Levies are:
  • $100 for Riding Members (+$42.25 Club Fee)
  • $35 for non-Riding Members (social)  (+$20 Club Fee)

Please go to My Pony Club To renew or Add new members.

When Renewing membership, please choose either Social or Riding members if you are paying individual rates

If you are paying Family rates,

  1.  renew one of your riding members as "Family Member - first" You will be charged normal riding member PCAQ Levy + the Family Club membership of $90.
  2. Select either Family - Riding , or Family - Social for all other members and they will be charged the PCAQ levy only.

If in doubt please contact John on 0434 397 497


Family Rates:

How do we calculate family rates?  It is simple - You pay a Family club fee of $90 and then you only pay the PCAQ Levy for each member of your family that joins.  As you can see at the top of this page, that is $102.75 for a Riding Member and $35 for a Social Member.

With the on-line membership system Families should enter a riding member first, and choose the fee option for first family member.  Each other member would then select either Family social or Family Riding, whichever is appropriate.

Bank Details


Please go to My Pony Club To renew or Add new members.

When paying to Bank Account, please advise Club Secretary first and then when entering deposit put Name and mship in description.  This is not encouraged as it makes it much more dificult to update your PCQ Details and membership!

Name: Runcorn Horse & Pony Club
BSB: 064-162
Account: 905089