Santa Gymkhana & Breakup

Our Santa Gymkhana, Breakup and AGM all happening next Saturday.

We have decided to do things a little differently this year:

  • No horses but still loads of fun. That’s right, leave your pony in the paddock.  We are going to have lots of un on the ground and we wont have to worry about getting the horses home.
  • Dress up in a Christmas Theme or costume – Ok the Fancy Dress part is not there (phew I really find that part hard) but still get dressed up to celebrate the event
  • The big Attraction will be A water slide and obstacle course.

The Programme for the day will be:

  • 3pm – START (Pony rides available for young children who don’t have their own pony) I was thinking Babe
  • 5pm – AGM (Let’s keep it brief) – Oh does that mean I can’t make a long speech?
  • 6pm – DINNER – To help us plan for this could you please enter your name below along with the number of people that will be with you.
  • 7pm- Awards
  • Dessert
  • The slide and obstacle course will be there until 9pm

This is our last event for the year, so I encourage as many as possible to come along and enjoy the fun.

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