Jan Aitkens, Shirley Craig, Ron Munn, and Shirley's Two Daughters at Runcorn Horse and Pony Club for Annual Aitkens Showjumping Championship

Farewell to a Great Pony Clubber

Runcorn Pony Club would like to pay tribute to a great member of the Pony Club Movement – Ron Munn.

Ron was a great supporter of Pony Club and was, during his time, President of the Park Ridge Pony Club and President of our Zone, Metropolitan Zone 1.

In the image above, Ron is pictured with Jan Aitken, Shirley Craig and two of Shirley’s daughters.

Sadly, Ron passed away earlier. Ron will be remembered at a funeral service at St Mary’s Catholic Church in Beaudesert at 10:30am on Monday 11th December.

On behalf of all Pony Club members from Zone 1, we pass on our condolences to his family.