Fees for 2024

Club fees have multiple components, with our club’s fee being just one part of the total. (and by far the smallest component). Let’s break down the three components:

National Body Affiliation Fee (PCA):

Members pay an affiliation fee to the National Body, which is PCA in this case. This fee supports the overarching national organization and its initiatives. The national body typically oversees Pony Club organisations and its activity at a broader level, sets standards, and may organise national-level competitions and events. For 2024 this is $82.95 for Riding Members

State Body Affiliation Fee (PCQ):

Similar to the national affiliation fee, members pay this fee to the State Body (PCQ, in this case). PCQ is responsible for organising state-level events, implementing state-specific regulations, and supporting clubs within the Queensland. For 2024, this is $66 for Riding members and $38.85 for Social Members.

Club Fee:

This is the fee that members pay directly to our club. It goes some small way to cover the costs associated with our club’s facilities, equipment, and local operations. The club uses this fee to help sustain our day-to-day activities, organize events, and maintain our facilities.

Understanding these three components will help you comprehend the breakdown of your fees and how they contribute to each level. It’s common in many organized sports or recreational clubs to have such a structure, with fees distributed to local, state, and national levels to support various aspects of the organization.

Social Member


This is made up as follows:
PCQ – $38.85
Club – $21.35

Riding Member


This is made up as follows:
PCA – $82.95
PCQ – $66
Club – $51.05

Family Plan


The family Plan is designed to reduce the costs for families with 3 or more members. We do this by discounting the Club Component. Added to this is the appropriate Affiliation Fee (either Social or Riding) for each member of the Family.

Life Member


Life Members pay no Club Fees only the appropriate Affiliation fees.
For Riding Members: $148.95
for Social Members $38.85