Management Committee Nominations for 2019

The following Nominations for the management committee  have been received:

  1. President: David Eldred
  2. Vice-President: Geoff Vaschina
  3. Secretary: Wendy Eldred
  4. Treasurer: Amanda Taylor
  5. Agistment Officer: Sam Leigh-cooper
  6. Canteen Convenor: Cathy Mcneill
  7. Committee Member (3 positions):
    1. Grace Cameron
    2. Louise Treasure

Nominations will be taken from the floor at the AGM to fill the remaining Committee Member position.

At the October Muster the Instructors held a meeting and nominated John Martin to continue in the role of Chief Instructor for 2019.

Congratulations to all of our nominees. We look forward to seeing you all at the AGM and break up on 8 December.