Runcorn Community Day – Helpers Roster

This Sunday between 10 and 2 we are celebrating 50 years of Runcorn Pony Club.

It is our time to give back to the community around us and to show off what it is that we do.

To make this a success we really do need lots of help.  Unfortunately we have no idea how many people will come, so it makes it a bet difficult to plan.  What we do know is that We need you!.

Please fill out the form below.  If there is more than one person offering to help – and we hope that there is – Please make an entry for each person.  Select which job you would like to do, but be aware that we might have to change some preferences to even out the load.

Just a reminder, that we will need to have a working Bee to help set up for the day.

On Saturday we have to setup for:

1 jump ring and some practice jumps set up.

1 dressage

A short cross country course

Sporting games

    • Barrels
    • Western bending
    • Bounce pony
    • Sporting figure of 8

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